How IC it

What I like in the world of internal communications and employee engagement.

Writing and speaking

I’m always pleased to contribute my thoughts to articles or take part in employee engagement workshops and conferences. Contact me using the form below.

Gatehouse Journal of Internal Communications

Q&A in issue 13, March 2017

Trends in Internal Communication 2017

IoIC ebook, January 2017

The secret of good internal communication

Connected Thinking, November 2016

Trust: of dads and dragons

Guest blog for Top Banana on the topic of leader trust. July 2015.

Communicating From the Inside Out

Joined the speakers for Local Government Communications seminar ‘Communicating from the Inside Out’. Read my presentation on how to become a trusted advisor here.  March 2015.


IoIC People

Profiled by the Institute of Internal Communication as part of its series meeting IC professionals. September 2014.


Choose your weapon: how to select the right internal comms channel

Guest blog and infographic for All Things IC on choosing the right channel for comms outcomes. August 2014.


Introducing (and measuring) a new company strategy

Article for the Gatehouse Group Journal of Internal Communication. January 2014.


Making safety communication strategic

Article aligning safety comms to safety strategy for Melcrum as part of its series on crisis communication. December 2013.


Trust me, I’m a communicator

Talking about how to become a trusted IC advisor at a Sequel breakfast seminarSeptember 2013.

Is the employee publication dead?

My view as part of an insight report on the future of print from AB. 2013.


My internal comms (and other) passions

Profiled by leadership comms and events company Top Banana. March 2013.


Speaking on skills

Appearing by video link talking about professional skills and IC qualifications at the Govt Comms Network event @UKGovcomms. February 2013.


Mind the bollocks – straight-talking health and safety comms

Article celebrating Tarmac World magazine’s latest award win with a spotlight on the fantastic article written by Gareth B Jenkins – read it here. April 2008.

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