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Time to get serious on skills

I’ve long been a firm believer in the importance of recognised skills to building credibility for internal comms, as a profession and to us as practitioners. So I’m really proud to be entering 2015 as an IoIC Professional Practitioner

IoIC CPD logoThe Institute of Internal Communication already offers four levels of Accreditation and launched its continuous professional development programme – Excellence – under the ‘Love your career’  banner, appropriately enough on Valentine’s Day 2014.


What do you have to do to get CPD certification?  Your job!  I’ve always found the IoIC to be grounded in the real world of the IC practitioner and its CPD scheme is no different.

Pretty much everything you’re already doing as part of your current IC role (or preparing for your next one) will earn you a few points. If you’ve got a personal development plan in place at work, you’re already on the way.

Participants plan their path through CPD and, by gaining 40 points each year, receive annual certification and the right to use the designation ‘IoIC Professional Practitioner’ after their name.

Points are awarded for activities like attending training courses and seminars, involvement with IoIC or other recognised events, mentoring or being mentored, reading and reflecting on comms books, or even taking part in online debates.

So just before Christmas I sat down and logged my activity into the IoIC’s CPD system. As well as uploading pdfs or other links to provide evidence, I had to enter a short description of how the activity supported one of my learning aims. No, stay with me, it really wasn’t that onerous. In a couple of days, stopping and starting, I’d racked up more than my 40 points and hit submit. Off went my workbook to be reviewed. This week I received an email congratulating me on reaching the required standard.

The recognition runs for 12 months so I’ll be doing the same this year; keeping a record of the books I read, events I attend and articles I contribute to be sure that I renew my certificate next year.

Inspired? Hit the books

If you’re interested in recording your own development and becoming an IoIC Professional Practitioner, here are a few books I’m currently enjoying:

From Cascade To Conversation by Katie Macaulay

Employee Engagement by Emma Bridger

IC Trends for 2015 – a free ebook from the IoIC.

My Big Yak (infographic)

While others stood in the mud in a Glastonbury field, there was only one place to be for internal comms pros. All roads, trains and even flights led to Richmond for the second Big Yak, the unconference from the IC Crowd.

I was lucky enough to go last year so there was no way I was missing this second instalment. And it proved to be an even more valuable day, with brilliant ideas a-plenty.

Here’s my key takeaways in infographic stylee. Many of my fellow Yakkers have been blogging their own reflections – make sure you hit the IC Crowd website for a round-up from Friday 4 July.

And if you’re working towards continuous professional development with either CIPR or the Institute of Internal Communication, there are 10 CPD points available to Big Yak attendees, so get ’em logged!

You can download a pdf of my Big Yak infographic here: BigYak_infographic



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