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On new beginnings

The whole ‘new year, new start’ thing has never really landed with me.  It’s dark, it’s cold, we’re all dragging a festive half-stone back to work – how does any of that feel fresh and new?

September, on the other hand, is still full of ‘back to school’ potential whatever age I am. And Easter, with its spring blossoms and long weekend break, is surely the very definition of new beginnings both spiritually and psychologically.

My organisation is heading towards the next chapter in its history, creating a new business unit. It’s a positive change but, as most communicators will have experienced, I’ve been in the position of both communicating and affected by the change. Perhaps unusually though, this is the ninth time I’ve been involved in a restructure. As one of my stakeholders quipped the other day “You are the Kate with nine lives!”

It never gets easy, but it does get more manageable. Each time I’ve grown a slightly thicker skin, been better able to consider my team before worrying about myself, and moved closer to the decision-making centre of the programme.

For the past nine years I’ve also had to deal with the sadness that this month brings, having lost my dad in late March. That’s something that still floors me and a period  I never work, because I know what I need to do to look after myself around that week. He died on Good Friday which further cements  this time as one of change for me.

But for the first time, this year I can tentatively say I’m coming through it more easily. At work, too, our team structure is settled and we’re gearing up to mark the change internally.

“Change is the only constant” is a corporate phrase that irritates me as it seems to belittle what people will go through. And we all DO go through the mill with change – we just might find it easier to manage it and ourselves at some times, more than others.

This long weekend falls perfectly for our change programme and for me personally. It’s a short but vital time to regroup, rebalance and say on Tuesday – “we go again”.

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