How IC it

What I like in the world of internal communications and employee engagement.

About Kate Jones

Well hello there. Here’s where I share things I like from the world of internal comms and employee engagement.

For me 2016 marks 20 years of working in internal comms, both agency and in-house. I’m proud to chair the board of the Institute of Internal Communication and I’m always happy to share ideas with others in the IC community.

I love contributing my thoughts to articles and attending workshops or conferences – contact me using the form below.

In real life I’m a baking, burlesque and B-movie addict so you’ll find me in the kitchen, in a cabaret bar, or on the sofa with Flash Gordon and Rocky Horror. And if you’re buying, mine’s an espresso martini.

I live on Twitter at how_IC_it and you can also read my official LinkedIn stuff.

– Kate


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